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A new look for Łomża

Łomża, one of the leading brands on the Polish beer market, and owned by Van Pur SA, is undergoing a thorough metamorphosis and changing its graphic design. The rebranding is intended to emphasise the beer’s regional origins and is a nod to the brand’s roots. All the changes introduced herald a new direction in the Łomża brand’s market strategy.

The Łomża brand, which has been associated with the Łomża brewery from the very beginning, has just undergone a rebranding. The new design, utilising the red-and-green colour scheme that has long been associated with the brand, represents a clear nod to the brand’s origins. The packaging shows the year 1968, underlining the date that beer was first brewed there, while the distinctive deer, which has been a symbol of the brand from the very beginning and appeared on the first products to come out of the Łomża brewery, also features more prominently now. Moreover, the brand affirms its attachment to the region it comes from by using graphics for its flagship beers in the folkloric style of the Kurpie region. The Łomża brand’s new visual identity is intended to emphasise the regional character of the beer brewed there, as well as the beer traditions of the city. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the characteristic green bottle that has long been associated with the brand.

The entire portfolio of beers, those available nationwide as well as the regional variants, will undergo a complete metamorphosis, with the first products featuring the new design already available on the market. The changes will also apply to all other elements containing the new brand identification, such as the website, social media profiles and point of sale materials.

The new graphic design was created by the renowned Warsaw branding agency BNA, together with the Van Pur marketing department, headed by Marketing Director Paulina Grodzińska.

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