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Van Pur Group companies

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A Polish company.
With global reach.

We are the largest independent brewing company in Poland and one of the four main players on the Polish beer market.

We have 6 breweries, each one with its own history and character, and the beers brewed there draw strongly on the diverse traditions of their respective regions.

Our flagship brand is Łomża, and the superb taste of our beers is currently enjoyed by consumers in almost 80 countries around the world.

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Our brands

  • Łomża - Van Pur
  • Solveza - Van Pur
  • Karpackie - Van Pur
  • Van Pur - Van Pur
  • Kuflowe - Van Pur
  • Edelmeister - Van Pur
  • Śląskie - Van Pur
  • Brok - Van Pur
  • Halne - Van Pur
  • Braniewo - Van Pur
  • Jasne że Pełne - Van Pur
  • Van Pur Malt - Van Pur
  • Górnośląskie - Van Pur

Companies within the Van Pur group

All the companies in the group combine specific areas of expertise, allowing us to build a true competitive advantage in a dynamically changing market.