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Brewery in Rakszawa

The place where it all started
Brewery in Rakszawa - Van Pur

The brewery in Rakszawa is the heart of our company.

When we built our brewery in Rakszawa in 1992, we revived a brewing tradition that had existed in the area since the 17th century. Small breweries had been brewing local beers here for over 300 years, but production had largely stopped in recent times. When we produced our first batch from the newly opened brewery, it marked the return of the brewing tradition here for good.

The brewery in Rakszawa is the heart of our company. It has the largest production capacity and the highest level of technological capabilities among all the breweries of the entire group, being the first brewery in Poland to have a beer dealcoholisation system installed.

The Rakszawa brewery has its own bottling plant for cans and glass bottles, and boasts one of the most modern production and bottling lines for PET bottles in Europe.

Most of the beer brewed in Rakszawa is exported to highly demanding and distant foreign markets, which additionally helps to promote Poland abroad.

1,75 mln hl

the brewery’s annual production


the date the first beer was produced here

Contact details

Van Pur S.A.
Brewery in Rakszawa
Rakszawa 334
37-111 Rakszawa

tel.: +48 (17) 22 40 400
fax: +48 (17) 22 49 301