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Brewery in Koszalin

Over 150 years of beer-brewing tradition
Brewery in Koszalin - Van Pur

With rich local nature, a sea breeze and a strong brewing tradition.

The brewery in Koszalin was initially founded in 1868 as an artisanal brewery before it started to produce beer on a larger scale in 1874. Over the following years, it was significantly expanded and modernised so that, in the inter-war period, it was able to produce about 30,000 hectolitres of beer annually.

After World War II, the Koszalin brewery ceased production for a short time and was placed under Soviet administration. For several years, it was used as a warehouse by the Red Army – until 1960, when it was renamed the Brok Brewery and incorporated into the structures of the state-owned Koszalin Brewing and Malt Plants (Koszalińskie Zakłady Piwowarsko-Słodnicze). Beer production was then restarted.

In 1990, the Koszalin brewery was privatised and found its way into the hands of subsequent owners. Van Pur saved the brewery from liquidation by buying it from the Danish company Royal Unibrew.

Nowadays, the brewery possesses 24 fermentation tanks that can produce 630,000 hectolitres of beer annually. It also boasts its own bottling plant, with filling lines for cans, glass bottles and kegs, as well as a CO2 recovery station, which helps to safeguard the local natural environment. It is the richness of the local nature, the sea breeze and the strong brewing tradition of the Koszalin brewery that give Brok beer its amber colour and delicious taste.

630,000 hl

the brewery’s annual production


the date the first beer was produced here

Contact details

Van Pur S.A.
Brewery in Koszalin
ul. Spółdzielcza 8
75-202 Koszalin

tel.: +48 (94) 34 46 200
fax: +48 (94) 34 46 257